Monday, April 27, 2009

ok ok, ok ok

look guys. how many times can i let you down. i really feel bad about it. at the same time, the distractions of actual life and virtual life (internet) has made it difficult to get some of my projects off the ground. they are not over but i am reorganizing.

IN THE MEANTIME: if u been missing me, feel free to follow me on twitter. critics say my tweets is like the comics without the pictures (jk i aint got no critics). but its not like u gotta pay for it or anything. plus i would imagine that when i do get my shit together my twitter gonna be the first to know.

u may still be one of those people who's all "twitters lame i dont get it" but realize that it is bigger than us. eventually u will have to come around just like with facebook so u might as well get started now instead of looking like a failed late adopter that has to friend their own parents. jesus.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Made For These Times

hey i was going to write about something else today but i just discovered this on gorillavsbear and it was too good not to share. a british producer/dj named bullion has created an incredible work entitled "pet sounds in the key of dee." you clever ones may have already put together that this is a mash up of sorts (though once you hear it you'll agree that mash up is not an adequate description) of the beach boys' seminal album and pieces of late beatsmith j dilla/jay dee's entire body of work. the result is something pretty spectacular- not in competition with pet sounds or j dilla themselves but certainly greater than the sum of its parts. is it the new grey album? not really... it's not as tied to the original songs as danger mouse's work was to jay-z's, or as accessible, but artistically it's leaps and bounds above. if you are into the beach boys or j dilla or beats or interesting things, i cannot recommend this highly enough. alright i am going on and on when you should just hear the damn thing for yourself. this is my favorite track so far, but choosing one to rip out of the whole was not easy.

download that shit right away and make your day better than it was.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Videos All Over The Place

yoyoyoyo, firstly, thanks to the channel 4 evening news, who showed my cartoon on the news for like 10 ridiculous seconds last week in a feature about internet productivity (or lack thereof) related to that lifehacker article. i cant get the video to embed on the blog so you'll have to watch it there if you care enough. who knew the channel 4 evening news even had a website, i assume they made it just so people could upload photos of their dogs in halloween costumes.

in other news, my boys vampire weekend just released their first music video, for the "mansard roof" single. congrats guys, i think it's great. just some dudes yachting on a saturday off the coast of new jersey, ain't nobody got a problem with that. also my cousin ezra is sporting some sweet shades that he may or may not have picked up during the motown portion of my bar mitzvah party ten and a half years ago. enjoy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

War Dance

Hey people, sorry for being slow on the updates, but I got something a bit serious that means a lot to me and I want to share with you... I need you to see this movie, WAR DANCE, made by my family and friends. It is an amazing documentary about children living in Uganda. It's beautifully shot and really moving and involves a pretty excellent country-wide children's music competition. IT OPENS IN NYC AND LA THIS FRIDAY (NOV 9). THE OPENING WEEKEND IS CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS FILM, PLEASE PLEASE TRY TO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND. It's been making all kinds of oscar buzz-worthy news already:

18 film festival awards (check out all those golden leaf parentheses!) including the Directing Award at Sundance

-Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

“Striking. A hopeful message.”
-Anthony Breznican, USA Today

“Very moving.”
-Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

See the trailer and get more information at



Again, please try to see the film this weekend. I and a lot of people I care about have been involved with it since the beginning, and it would mean a lot to me if you supported it. If you need more info let me know. I'm going Saturday night (probly to the Angelika) if you want to go on a date or whatever. And thanks a lot.

Future “War/Dance” Theatrical Run Release Dates

16-Nov —Pasadena—Playhouse 7

16-Nov —Washington—E Street Cinema

30-Nov —Boston—Kendall Square Cinema

30-Nov—Seattle—Varsity Theater

30-Nov—Philadelphia—Ritz Theater

14-Dec—San Francisco—Lumiere 3 Theater

14-Dec—Berkeley—Shattuck 10


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When You Hear That

in case you haven't heard the news, oink, your likely source for unreleased free music on the internet (whether you realize it or not) ended this morning in a very dramatic raid in amsterdam which may or may not have included the following: monster trucks, assault rifles, speedboat chases, night vision, scuba gear, nicholas cage, large animals, ninja robots, topless dancers, radiohead, and nazi mutants. if you don't know what oink is, you have nothing to worry about. if you had an oink account, well fingers crossed you will not end up in a mexican prison begging for seventy five cents so you can get a bottle of sprite for the week. and if you like free music that gets released early, shits gonna suck from now on. this calls for an emoticon... :(

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nobody Is Not Lovin' It

advertising a fast food restaurant is hard. you have to constantly come up with new and exciting combinations of cheddar goo and rubbery mushrooms, you have to make sure that your happy meal toys don't suffocate the many dumbass children that will inevitably try to swallow them with their nuggets, and you have to basically live in the denial that you are not catering primarily to stoned college students at 3am. plus, when you run a classy place (or 30,000) like mcdonalds, you've got to make sure that your advertising is hitting every possible audience. so what do you do? you make custom websites for everyone- or at least "everyone" as is defined by the ethnicity identification survey at the beginning of the sat's. so let's throw some micky d's on this bitch and see how they're advertising to YOU:


you know right off the bat that something is wrong with the pr of the asian american community when leads to a mcdonalds website. regardless, you go to the site and you see that mcdonalds has created a mirror of your very own room, mr. asian american! but wait, how did mcdonalds know what your room looked like? how did they ever figure out that you, as an asian american, love lava lamps and video games? don't worry, they have plenty of authentic things too, like godzilla action figures, some year-of-the-pig thing, and enough paper cranes for a fourth grade classroom. also, they have a fun minigame involving the spiritual journey that every asian american must make at least once in his or her life- crossing a makeshift wooden bridge from the mcdonalds in hawaii to the mcdonalds in los angeles.


from the intro line alone, you know that mcdonalds took absolutely no chances with the black community. i found this site by clicking the "havin' fun" category on the mcdonalds homepage, but as you can see, this site is the opposite of fun.

i dare you to look for a minigame.


parrots! fuzzy dice! ay yay yay! this website has so much latin flavor, it makes me want to run out and grab some taco bell. you've got soccer, graffiti, music, everything! plus they have some really awesome minigames involving these totally wacky characters:

this website is the polar opposite of


say what you want, but nobody thinks more of the children than mcdonalds. games, coloring, social networking... there is so much fun 2.0 to be had on this site, you almost forget the friendly reminder ronald has left for you in the top right-hand corner:

basically anything that has the mcdonalds logo on it and hasn't already been covered in this post. but if you need to see the absolute whitest example it is definitely this:

.....huh? there's no advertising directed towards the homeless/crazy? but they are some of the most frequent visitors to mcdonalds! i guess we will have to change that.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


big thanks to the folks at lifehacker for giving me some unexpected publicity yesterday- it's weird to be reading a blog and suddenly come across a drawing you did three years ago, but that's the wacky internet for you...

anyways, since they linked me, i'm gonna link them, and we're all gonna link each other. read the article, it's actually a very useful guide on how to keep yourself from getting distracted on the internet (which, if you're reading this blog, is a problem you definitely have).

more writing on the way... hope at least some of you are having fun at cmj this week.

and also there's a new comic up.